The living free curriculum has helped us to identify life controlling issues and get beyond them. Committed couples was a great class that didn’t just deal with surface issues but helped us to dig deep. We have been married for eight years and still use different techniques and information that we learned from that class to help us have a good Godly marriage.

Blessings, Deck & Vanessa

When this class was suggested to me I didn’t think it applied to me because I’ve never done drugs or had an addiction issue. Boy, was I wrong! Pastors Don & Jenny Tinsley lead us through a book that includes topics such as forgiveness, dealing with anger, dealing with self worth. It was right on time for my life. Allowing the Holy Spirit to break those chains of bondage over my spirit and life so that I am able to Live Free! The small group setting creates an environment of trust as we grow together.


Don and Jenny are amazing… Through H.I.M.

I had allowed some set backs in my life to cause me to return to old lifestyles. Don and Jenny prayed for me, without judgement or condemnation. Work with me to see some of the areas that I need to correct and walked with me.  They still call and check on my progress . They truly care to see that those that Christ sends to them to fulfill their calling and to live a life with joy and peace. I am truly grateful for the guides and the direction that I have receive through their ministry.